Steps To Fix Client.xml Parsing Error On Windows 7

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    If you encounter an error while parsing the Windows 7 client.xml file, the following article should help you.

    There is an issue with Windows 7 where the VMware vSphere client does not allow the connection, resulting in some of the following errors ….

    An error occurred while parsing the server file “SERVER IP address” “clients.xml”. To continue logging in, you will contact the appropriate system administrator.

    Note. The problem was fixed immediately …

    From VMware: “If the build group for your vSphere Client is 208111 or higher, enable vSphere Client Update 1 or higher and that shouldn’t be a problem either.” “

    Click OK and you will probably see another error.

    The type initializer for VirtualInfrastructure.Utils.HttpWebRequestProxy threw an exception.

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  • Step 1: Go to the ASR Pro website and click on the "Download" button
  • Step 2: Follow the on-screen instructions to install ASR Pro
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  • There is currently no standard fix for this issue from VMware, so the following unsupported solution will resolve this issue.

    1. On a Windows 7 computer, create a better folder named:

    “% ProgramFiles% VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client Launcher Lib +”

    error parsing clients.xml windows 7

    2. This is just Windows XP or Vista with Computer .Net 3.5 SP1 installed:

    Copy “% SystemRoot% Microsoft.NET Framework v2.0.50727 System.dll “to the” Lib + “folder on your Windows 7 computer.

    3. Run the vSphere Client technician in installation mode:

    Edit VpxClient.exe.config and add the following:

    4. Create a stack of files, usually named “VpxClient.In cmd”, in the same folder each time “VpxClient.exe.config” is used.

    5. Add the following line to the main VpxClient.cmd file:

    SET DEVPATH =% ProgramFiles% VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure “% ProgramFiles% VMware Infrastructure Virtual client launcher lib Infrastructure Client Launcher VpxClient.exe”

    6. Shortcut to change the type of download.

    Modify the link to access the VpxClient.cmd batch file. This

    Note: Problem solved …

    From VMware: “If the build number of the vSphere client is 208111 or higher, then you obviously have an update to the vSphere client or higher, and this issue is usually not affected.” “

    Note. Please note that this is not supported by VMware.


    Lots of research on Google, discussion of this “Bug ‘Parsing the entire server-clients.xml file ”focuses on the issues facing Windows 10 prior to the last update. But I upgrade to version 4.0 on Windows and Windows XP, it worked fine for a few months … After often the last round of XP updates a few days ago, I had a problem parsing the connection and any other reinstallation of the client didn’t change anything.

    Specifically, I asked the client to connect to the ESXi machine, then I downloaded a large vmdk to the local machine called by the datastore and it arrived early in the morning 67 o’clock% completed canceled and when I found the product in the morning the PC rebooted locally with a warning in the Windows system tray “Windows needs to install an important update and reactivate your computer” and so on. I also usually use Management Agents on a rebooted ESXi machine without success.

    I haven’t tried restoring an old restore point yet – make sure you have the latest version of Windows on your computer. I can get an ESXi machine from another XP machine besides the computer problem, the same vlan T. D. No problem with the virtual client.

    error parsing clients.xml windows 7

    The logs indicated that the error was due to re-validation of the client.xml directive (presumably on ESXi), resulting in an “ambiguous” match. the computer will take its time somewhere on the connection between my local computer and it …

    We are managing the website using ESXi 4.0. They have been working with us for 0 years and are moving our files to a part of the cloud. However, we had a prolonged power outage that caused the server to crash. Now I’m having big problems connecting to the vshpere 4.0 client that I downloaded from the server login page. I’m assuming I’m using Windows 10?

    All I usually get is “vsphere-client error while parsing a specific server-clients.xml file.”

    I really want to get this server up and running, but I still have a lot to do.

    Craigap wrote:

    Thanks PCC Bob. I guess it could have been the Windows 7 laptop that I last used for customer service. Are there at least five windows to emulate in Windows 10 local environment? Will it work at all?

    The easiest way is to install Win7 on a large laptop to run a legacy client.

    Another option is to upgrade the vSphere on your host server to a more recent version that supports Web Based Software Management for. You can get the perfect 60-day trial license to run vSphere versions that should have enough time to migrate virtual machines to another location.

    Otherwise, Lee Sharp’s Ubuntu Live CD principle works for you.

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