Troubleshooting And Fixing Server Connection Error 111.

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    If you are unable to connect to Connection Server 111 on your PC, this article can help you fix it.


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  • I’m using PHPMailer to send SMTP messages via SMS. When I use the same setup on a WordPress site, it works great. But that priority is to use it on a good solid PHP custom page. And there the computer gives the following errors

    Could not connect to SMTP host mailer error SMTP error could not connect to SMTP host?

    If another service is running on the configured SMTP port on the mail server, an existing issue will occur. Another problem with mail servers is the lack of encryption support. If the OpenSSL module is configured incorrectly, or if the PHP extension is working correctly, SMTP connections will cause problems.

    SMTP ERROR: Failed to connect to switched computer: refused (111)SMTP() connection failed. Error: SMTP() connection failed.

    error failed to connect to server connection refused 111

    isSMTP();//Enable SMTP debugging// 0 = disabled (for production purposes)// 1 = client messages// 2 = client and web server messagesera$mail->SMTPDebug = 2;// query debug output in Html format$mail->Debugoutput matches 'html';//Set the hostname of a specific mail server$mail->Host = "";// Set the SMTP port number - probably 25, 465 or really 587$mail->port means 587;// Whether to use SMTP authentication or not$mail->SMTPAuth means true;//Username to use SMTP authentication$mail->username means "[email protected]";$mail->password "password";//Set = from whom to send a response$mail->setFrom('[email protected]', 'Zubair Mushtak');//Define an alternative response address$mail->addReplyTo('[email protected]', 'Safe Developer');// Specify who to send the message to$mail->addAddress('[email protected]', 'abulogicss');//Define zone line$mail->Subject = 'PHPMailer SMTP Test';// Reading a distinct HTML message body from an additional file, converting referenced images for embedding,// Turn HTML into plain text alt text$mail->msgHTML("Convert HTML to Alternate Body Text");// Replace the normal human text body with a hand-crafted body$mail->AltBody is 'This is a normal message body';// Send each of our messages, check for errorsif (!$mail->send())   Echo "Mailer error: rn . . $mail->ErrorInfo; different    echo "Message sent!";

    asked June 27, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    Zubair MushtaqZubair Mushtaq

    Could not authenticate mailer error SMTP error could not authenticate?

    “SMTP Error: Authentication Failed” is seen as a common error when users send emails via PHPMailer with SMTP certification. This error occurs when the handler is unable to establish an SMTP connection to actually access the mail server.


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    How do you fix SMTP error failed to connect to server connection refused 111?

    Some of them get the error “SMTP ERROR: Unable to connect to destination server: Connection refused (111)”. To fix this error, you need to disable SMTP restrictions on your home server. This function is not allowedAllows members to bypass the mail server to send emails, a common practice among spammers.


    IsSMTP();    $mail->SMTPDebug implies 1;    $mail->SMTPAuth is true;    $mail->SMTPSecure = 'ssl';    $mail->Host = "";    $mail->port = 465;   $mail->IsHTML(true);     //Username for SMTP authentication    $mail->username means "";    $mail->password is "";    // Specify from whom to deliver the person's message   $mail->setFrom('[email protected]', 'Zubair Mushtak');    //Determine the address of the multiple response    $mail->addReplyTo('r[email protected]', 'Safe Developer');    //Specify who exactly needs to send a message    $mail->addAddress('[email protected]', 'abulogicss');    // Set all subject lines    $mail->Subject is equal to 'PHPMailer SMTP test';    // Read HTML message muscle from external file, convert implicit images to inline images,    //Convert the HTML to a new alternative plain text body    $mail->msgHTML("Convert HTML to plain alt text selection");    //Replace a very simple body with a manually planned body    $mail->AltBody means "This is a text body";    //Send speech, check for errors    although (!$mail->send())        matches "Mail Error: " . $mail->Error information;     different        "Message sent!" Show;    

    replied June 30th.

    Aswad ShaikAswad Shaik


    How do I fix SMTP failed to connect to server?

    Change the plan rules on the server to have outgoing connections on ports like 465.Change the SMTP restrictions on the device.Edit PHPMailer settings such as host, port, etc.Appropriate DNS resolution for all servers.

    -> //TCP port for installation; Use 587 if you have SMTPSecure=PHPMailer::ENCRYPTION_STARTTLS


    done September 23 at ’21 11:19

    error failed to connect to server connection refused 111

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    오류가 서버에 연결하지 못했습니다 연결이 거부되었습니다 111
    Fout Mislukt Om Verbinding Te Maken Met Server Verbinding Geweigerd 111
    Erro Falhou Ao Conectar Ao Servidor Conexao Recusada 111
    Oshibka Ne Udalos Podklyuchitsya K Serveru V Soedinenii Otkazano 111
    Blad Nie Powiodlo Sie Polaczenie Z Serwerem Odmowiono Polaczenia 111
    Fehler Beim Herstellen Einer Verbindung Zum Server Verbindung Abgelehnt 111
    Felet Misslyckades Med Att Ansluta Till Serveranslutningen Nekades 111
    Errore Di Connessione Al Server Non Riuscita Connessione Rifiutata 111
    Error Al Conectarse Al Servidor Conexion Rechazada 111