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    The Catalina USC Hyperbaric Chamber and the Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies Catalina Conservation Divers are proud to host this annual key facts event. This is the only time diving is allowed in the entire Bay of Avalon and over 500 divers are expected to not be selected for litter and debris collection.

    The awards ceremony will take place on the Wrigley Stage with prizes and gifts. Proceeds will go to select USC hyperbaric chambers and the scientific diving program at the Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies.

    Calendar of events

    7:00–8:45 Registration of pre-registered divers (dive sites) 7:00–8:45 Registration Day (Wrigley Stage) 9:00 Dive Master/Diver Orientations (dive sites) 9:30–11:00 a.m. Divers in the water (dive sites) 11:00 All divers must be out of the water (MANDATORY) 13:00 Draw (Wrigley Scene) 13:00–15:00 Award Ceremony (Wrigley Stage)

    Saturday, February 26, 2022

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    FACT. Did you know that diving in Avalon Harbor is only allowed once a year?

    The tradition began in the 1970s as part of a neighborhood cleanup effort, and again this year, the University of Southern California Catalina Chamber and Wrigley Conservation Miscellaneous Institute for Environmental Research pride themselves on protecting the health of the majority of Catalina residents. residents. coastal treasures by conducting the 40th annual Avalon Sea Harbor Cleanup.

    Register online for the premier dive event in Southern California on Saturday, February 26, 2022, in the warm and friendly atmosphere of the Catalina of Island.

  • Enter our T-shirt contest and win a free round-trip flight to clean up on the Catalina Express.
  • Become a sponsor and get information about diving clubs and individual divers participating in the event, as well as media coverage.
  • Sign up as a separate dive team and get support to get your entire dive club recognized and cleared Yes, while demonstrating team spirit.
  • Join the hundreds of volunteers who come every year and make this event interesting and even valuable. 2013
  • since the volunteers took out more than 13,000 kg of garbage!

    All proceeds from the event will go to the Catalina USC Hyperbaric Chamber and the Wrigley Institute’s Scientific Diving Program.


    $45 Early Enrollment by Jan 31
    $55 Feb to Early Feb – Feb 17
    $65 per day of registration, possibly at the Wrigley Stage

    If you are unable to return, we would greatly appreciate an entry fee as a donation. Refunds are unlikely to be available after the February 17, 2022 registration deadline. Unless otherwise noted, the event will most likely take place at RAIN or SHINE. Due to inclement weather or the inability to prioritize a failed Trojan Check Wellness exam, this day’s event will not be rewarded.


    All participants must register on their registereddive site and provide the following required documents:

  • SCUBA Certification Card (Diving)
  • Run package completed, including:
  • Accept and Opt Out Notice
  • Safe diving practices
  • Trojan health check
  • Disclaimer (PDF)
    Diving teams

    Simplify your dive team registration process! Adding your dive team to the listing page will allow your divers to register individually or as part of a group, as well as speed up registration on the day of my event. A dive team must consist of 10 or more divers diving together and a team leader must be appointed. The team leader will be responsible for their bank of divers and will be on the market as the team’s emergency contact. For more information, contact Kathy Chvostal at 카탈리나 섬 청소
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    Limpeza Da Ilha Catalina
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    Catalina Insel Sauberung
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